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DER VERLORENE (The Lost One) (1951) *with switchable English subtitles*

Peter Lorre, Karl John and Helmuth Rudolph

Der Verlorene (The Lost One) was the only directorial effort by actor Peter Lorre.  In keeping with Lorre's established screen persona, this is a tale of stark terror, disillusionment and defeatism.  The actor stars as Dr. Rothe, a German research scientist who during WW2 discovers that his fiancee has been selling his scientific secrets to the British.  In a fit of pique, he murders her, but is not punished for the crime, which is passed off by the Nazi authorities as justifiable homicide.  Unable to console himself to his sweetheart's betrayal, Rothe wanders the countryside, killing every woman who reminds him of his lost love - while the Gestapo dutifully continues covering his tracks, even declaring him legally dead so that he can escape imprisonment.  In a plot twist worthy of Fritz Lang, Lorre puts himself on trial and metes out his own punishment.  Not entirely successful, Der Verlorene is still a fascinating exercise in fatalism from one of the cinema's most distinctive talents.

Die einzige Regiearbeit des Schauspielers Peter Lorre. Hamburg 1943: Der renommierte Serumsforscher Dr. Rothe begeht eine Verzweiflungstat, als er bemerkt, dass seine Frau ihn ausspioniert. Da er für die Nazis aber kriegswichtige Arbeiten betreibt, wird die Tat von seinem jungen Kollegen Hoesch vertuscht. Rothe jedoch leidet fortan unter Zwangsvorstellungen und wird zu einem getriebenen Mörder. Nach Kriegsende trifft er unter falschem Namen Hoesch in einem Flüchtlingslager wieder. Als dieser für Rothes Schuldgefühle nur Hohn und Spott übrig hat, begeht der Arzt abermals einen Mord, indem er den ehemaligen Nazi-Beamten erschießt – anschließend begeht er Selbstmord.  


DVD-R IS APPROX. 93 MINS.  IN GERMAN WITH SWITCHABLE ENGLISH SUBTITLES.  See video sample for audio and video quality!

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A must see for Lorre fans, 10/17/2016 9:27 AM
This is the first quality print with English subtitles that I have found of this title. As far as service, the product was sent quickly and in a quality clam shell package. The movie itself is an interesting study. Revolving around the war and post war with a over lying theme that in some ways will remind the viewer of 'M'
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