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THE FIRE RAISERS (1934) * with hard-encoded Spanish subtitles *

Michael Powell Writers: Jerome Jackson (screenplay), Jerome Jackson (story) | 1 more credit » Stars: Leslie Banks, Anne Grey, Carol Goodner

The Fire Raisers (which is British slang for "arsonists") was inspired by the true story of Leopold Harris, an insurance assessor convicted of arson.  In the film, the part of Harris is recreated in the character Jim Bronson, an ambitious assessor intent on marrying the daughter of a successful underwriter at the prestigious Lloyds of London.  Bronson uses less than laudable means to improve his financial situation and, against the wishes of the father, convinces the director's daughter to marry him.  But, as is so often the case in life, Bronson can't leave well enough alone and ends up gambling away most of his ill-earned fortune.  And not having learned anything from the whole affair, he concludes the best way to save face and regain his lost money is to get involved with arsonists. In an "et tu, Brutus" moment, Bronson's assistant, Bates, becomes suspicious of him and helps a company representative infiltrate the gang of arsonists Bronson's involved with.  This turns out to be not so great an idea after all, when the crooks suspect something's not kosher.  They beat Bates to pulp and leave him to die in a vault while they turn their attention to the spy he brought into their midst ... all of this unknown to Bronson.  Eventually, Bronson discovers his clever, but not-so-street-smart assistant in the vault, has a change of heart, and tries to rescue the other Lloyd's employee before the arsonists get to him and turn him into the ingredients for blood pudding.  If any of that didn't make sense to you in English, worry not:  the film has hard-encoded Spanish subtitles for you to practice your foreign language skills and to help clarify anything not clear in the accents of 1930s British English.

DVD-R is in English with hard-encoded Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 73 mins.  See film sample for film quality! 

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