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Basil Dearden, Alberto Cavalcanti ,Denis Ogden (suggested by the play "The Peaceful Inn" by), Angus MacPhail (screenplay) (as Angus Macphail), Stars: Mervyn Johns, Glynis Johns, Tom Walls

It's 1943 and the world is at war. A random group of travelers converge on the idyllic Welsh countryside to stay at a picturesque inn. Among them, an elderly couple, struggling with the loss of their son; a young couple nearing a crossroad in their lives; a terminally ill conductor, with only three months to live; a couple on the verge of divorce, with a teenage daughter, hell bent on bringing them back together; a recently released prisoner, and, finally, a nefarious black market dealer. They're met by the proprietor, Mr. Rhys, and his lovely daughter, Gwyneth, who both seem strangely aloof, as if they're not really there. Soon the travelers realize something is wrong. Why are all newspapers a year old? Why is there no sign of the terrible fire that destroyed the inn a while back? Why doesn't Mr. Rhys have a reflection?

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx.  92 mins.  See film sample for quality!

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