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Private Schulz tells the story, over six one-hour episodes, of a German fraudster who tricks the Nazis into making counterfeit British five pound notes.  Millions of which will be used to destroy the British economy.  However, Schulz is primarily interested in stealing them. It was based on several real life incidents:  The Venlo incident, when two British offiers were abducted from the Netherlands; The real though unrealised plot by the Germans, Operation Bernhard;   Salon Kitty a Nazi sponsored brothel used to spy on its wealthy clients;  The Sachsenhausen concentration camp counterfeiting operation. Additionally many of the main characters are real people, though occasionally under a different name. It also starred Billie Whitelaw as a prostitute working in 'The Salon Kitty', where German officers were secretly recorded by the SS in the prostitutes' bedrooms.  Whitelaw's character claimed to have a psychological block that prevented her sleeping with any soldier below the rank of major. The screenplay was by Jack Pulman, who had previously adapted I, Claudius for the BBC.  He died in 1979 before any filming had taken place. In 1982, he was posthumously awarded a writers award by The Royal Television Society for his work on Private Schulz.




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