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DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT (Suicide Squadron) (1941)

Brian Desmond Hurst; Terence Young; Anton Walbrook; Sally Gray; Derrick De Marney; Cecil Parker; Percy Parsons; Kenneth Kent; J.H. Roberts; Guy Middleton; John Laurie; Frederick Valk; O.B. Clarence

Also known as Suicide Squadron, the film tells the story of a Polish musician (Stefan) who meets an American journalist (Carole) as the Nazis are marching into Poland.  Forced to flee, they fall in love during their flight and get married after escaping Poland.  And while his marriage to Carole and the life of a musician makes Stefan very happy, he can't forget his commitment to Poland and ends up fighting the Germans in spite of Carole's fears and concerns.  The film is especially noteworthy for its introduction of one of the most classical pieces of the period:  The Warsaw Concerto.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx. 93 mins. + a 9 min. contemporary newsreel. See film sample for audio and video quality.

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