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Compton Bennett Writers: John Cresswell (screenplay), Compton Bennett (screenplay) | 3 more credits » Stars: Richard Greene, Eva Bartok, Marius Goring

A commercial flight between the West and Berlin is forced down by the Communists.  Onboard is Karen, an East German refugee, who's now going to get a lift, courtesy of the State Secret Police, back to her hometown of Dresden.  And although the cost of petrol is subsidized by the Kremlin, the Stasi have no intention of giving her a free ride.  She's going to pay for her mistake of working a flight over DDR territory by being harassed by the Commie-Gestapo into leading them to her wanted brother.  When a colleague -- and fianceé -- by the name of Jim goes to the DDR to shanghai his dumb girlfriend back to the West, he's put into situations where he has to constantly watch his back  (it ain't as easy as in those James Bond films, is it, Jim?).

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx.  84 mins.  See film sample for quality!

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