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CAPTURED (1959) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

John Krish; Wilfrid Brambell, Ray Brooks, Alan Dobie

In 1959, the British Army commissioned filmmaker John Krish to put together a training film to prepare British troops on what to expect if they were captured by the enemy.  The result was Captured, the material for which came from army reports about interrogation and brainwashing techniques used by the Chinese and North Koreans during the Korean War.  Rather than make a dry documentary, Krish convinced the army brass to let him turn the project into a short narrative feature, which, he felt, would better engage the viewer.  Unfortunately, Krish did too good a job detailing Chinese-style interrogation methods:  Horrified of the potential effect the film might have on morale, the British Army classified the film as "secret" and kept it under lock-and-key for 45 years!

The film tells the story of a squadron of British soldiers captured by the North Koreans. It shows how subtle manipulation and subterfuge by the prison camp's commander cause rifts to develop between the individual prisoners, until one soldier is easily picked out from the crowd and coerced into providing details on an intelligence officer recently captured from behind the front line. Once that information is in hand, the commander then applies it to breaking the intelligence officer with a combination of deception, mind games and physical torture. 

DVD-R is in English with switchable English and Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 64 mins.  See video sample for picture and audio quality!

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