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681 A.D. – THE GLORY OF THE KHAN (1984) * with hard-encoded Bulgarian subtitles *

In 651 C.E.,  Khan Kubrat died and the Khazars accelerated their raids upon Great Bulgaria.  His five sons split the Bulgarian tribe and each led his to find new land where they could live in peace.  Khan Asparukh, the youngest son, went west and, after an arduous journey lasting for years, southward across the River Danube, into Moesia. In 680-81, in alliance with the Slavs, he inflicted tunning defeats on the Roman legions and forced the Byzantine Empire to recognize the formation of the new state of Bulgaria in the lands where it still exists today.  A spectacular epic, "Khan Asparukh" was made to celebrate the 1,300th anniversary of the founding of Bulgaria.  This edited version compresses the three-part film from almost 6 hours to 95 minutes.   Sumptuously filmed, with over 50,000 extras, the film narrates the history of these momentous events, from the fall of Great Bulgaria in the Asian steppes, through Asparukh's perilous trek west, and the decisive battles with the Byzantines.  The original film was seen by over 11 million Bulgarians, a stunning feat for a population of less than 8 million!

Аспарух — третий из пяти сыновей хана Великой Болгарии.  После смерти Кубрата его сыновья разделились. Старший сын унаследовал Великую Болгарию, но после ухода своих братьев с отдельными племенами, был покорён хазарами. Второй, , с племенем котрагов ушёл в Среднее Поволжье и основал государство. Аспарух унаследовал племя оногондуров и под давлением хазар откочевал за Дунай.  Заключив союз с местными семью славянскими племенами, Аспарух завоевал у Византии. После тщетных попыток покорить болгарские земли, византийский император.

DVD-R is in English with hard-encoded Bulgarian subtitles. Approx. 95 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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