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80 HUSZAR (80 Hussars) (1978) * with switchable English subtitles *

Sándor Sára Writers: Sándor Csoóri, Sándor Sára Stars: László Dózsa, György Cserhalmi, Jácint Juhász

1848.  Europe is seething with revolutions against tyrannical rulers breaking out everywhere.  In the Austrian Empire, the emperor even abdicates the throne!  A regiment of Hungarian hussars are stationed in Galician Poland, serving out their enlistment time in the Imperial Austrian Army.  Soon, news will come that not only has a rebellion against Austrian begun in Galicia, but back in Budapest, too.  The hussars wish to return to Hungary, but their superiors in Vienna have no intention of allowing that, knowing full well that they'd fight on the side of the revolution and not maintain their loyalty to the Austrians. When they receive orders to fire on rebelling Poles in Krakow, they refuse and head back to their homes.  Filled with now archaic notions of honor and duty, the 80 men are hunted down and slaughtered by their commanders.

1848. Európa forrong. A Lengyelországban állomásozó, osztrák kötelékhez tartozó magyar huszárok egy csoportja a szabadság- harc kitörésének hírére hazaindul. A szökevények útja ezer veszéllyel teli, harcot kell vívniuk a természettel, az út ne- hézségeivel, az öket üldözö osztrák hadsereggel és saját felörlödö idegeikkel.

DVD-R is in Hungarian with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 123 mins.  See film sample for audio and video quality!

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