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SILENCE AND CRY (1968) * with hard-encoded English and switchable Spanish subtitles *

Miklós Jancsó Writers: Gyula Hernádi, Miklós Jancsó Stars: Mari Töröcsik, József Madaras, Zoltán Latinovits

Silence and Cry is set during a turbulent era of disquiet, fear, persecution and terror, which permeated every corner of post-WWI Hungarian society. In 1919, after just a few months of communist rule, the Hungarian Republic of Councils is overthrown by a nationalist counter revolution. Admiral Horthy, leader of the nationalist, far right movement, becomes the self-proclaimed regent of Hungary. Soldiers of the short-lived Hungarian Red Army are now on the run from relentless secret policemen and patrol units of the nationalist Royal Gendarme. If caught, ex-Red Army soldiers are executed, without mercy or proper trial. István Cserzi, a former soldier of the Red Army has fled to the Great Hungarian Plains and has taken refuge on a farm, which is run by two sympathetic women. Due to the generosity of these women and a former childhood pal, who is now commandant of the local Royal Gendarme outfit, István is safely hidden from the ever-prying eyes of the secret police, who roam the countryside searching for Red insurgents and their sympathisers. However, after discovering that the women are secretly poisoning the legal owners of the farm, István must make the most difficult decision of his life. As a personal war wages within his own consciousness over morality and self-preservation, István must decide whether to remain silent about the women's devious secret and preserve his own life, or to report their heinous crime to the Royal Gendarme, which would mean certain death for him.

DVD-R is in Hungarian with hard-encoded English and switchable Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 73 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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