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THE HOUSE I LIVE IN (1957) * with switchable English subtitles *

Valentina Telegina ... Mother Nikolai Yelizarov Nikolai Yelizarov ... Father (as N. Yelizarov) Vladimir Zemlyanikin Vladimir Zemlyanikin ... Seryozha Davydov Yuri Myasnikov Yuri Myasnikov ... Seryozha - as Child (as Yura Myasnikov) Evgeniy Matveev Evgeniy Matveev ... Konstantin Davydov Rimma Shorokhova Rimma Shorokhova ... Katya (as R. Shorokhova) Pavel Shalnov Pavel Shalnov ... Nikolai - Katya's Husband (as P. Shalnov) Mikhail Ulyanov Mikhail Ulyanov ... Dmitri Kashirin Ninel Myshkova Ninel Myshkova ... Lida - Kashirin's Wife (as Yelena Myshkova) Klavdiya Yelanskaya Klavdiya Yelanskaya ... Actress Zhanna Bolotova Zhanna Bolotova ... Galya Volynskaya Zoya Danilina Zoya Danilina ... Galya as a Child Kleopatra Alperova Kleopatra Alperova ... Galya's Mother (as K. Alperova) Lev Kulidzhanov Lev Kulidzhanov ... Galya's Father

The year is 1935, in Stalinist Russia. A new building in Moscow with communal apartments sees tenants moving in. The film is about the fate of the people in one of these communal apartments. There are the terrible years of the Purges which are to come soon, followed by war, cold, hunger and bitter farewells. With the end of the War, the joy of living returns; the sun shines in the building's windows once more. The sun shines and the poplars bloom as the children once more go to school.

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 94 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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