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DER SCHWARZE HUSAR (1932) * with switchable English subtitles *

Gerhard Lamprecht, Conrad Veidt, Mady Christians and Wolf Albach-Retty

1812.  The French are chasing Duke Friedrich Wilhelm von Braunschweig’s black hussars.  The Duke himself has fled to England.  Resistance to Napoleon is being led by Captain von Hochberg and his friend Blome, who, with the help of two young women --- Marie-Luise and Brigitte – are hinding in an inn.  After the danger has passes, the two ride on, for they must bring the Duke’s bride, a princess, safely to England, for Napoleon intends to marry her off to the Polish prince Potovki for political reasons.

1812. Die Franzosen machen Jagd auf die schwarzen Husare des Herzogs Friedrich Wilhelm von Braunschweig, der nach England geflohen ist. Der Widerstand wird angeführt von Rittmeister von Hochberg und seinem Freund Blome, die sich mit Hilfe zweier junger Frauen, Marie-Luise und Brigitte, in einem Gasthaus verstecken können.  Nachdem die Gefahr vorüber ist, ziehen die beiden weiter, denn sie müssen die Braut des Herzogs, eine Prinzessin, sicher nach England bringen, da Napoleon die Absicht hat, sie aus politischen Gründen mit dem polnischen Fürsten Potovski zu verheiraten.

DVD-R is in German with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 87 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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Very poor quality DVD. Most enjoyable movei., 4/17/2018 4:24 AM
From: Guest
The quality of the DVD is not nearly as good as the version which may be seen on YouTube, unfortunately.  Hopefully, a better transfer will be available in future.  It‘s most enjoyable and Conrad Veidt is in top form, with wonderful supporting performances.

(RESPONSE:  While the picture quality is better on You Tube, there's also a lot of shaking from poor transferring ... enough to have made me nauseous trying to watch it. We always strive to find better quality prints where available, but making our customers sick in the process is not something we look forward to.)
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