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HANNA AMON (1951) * with switchable English subtitles *

Veit Harlan Writers: Richard Billinger (story), Veit Harlan Stars: Kristina Söderbaum, Lutz Moik, Ilse Steppat

Orphan siblings Hanna and Thomas Amon live together on the farm left to them by their parents, which has belonged to the Amon family for over 300 years. Hanna's sisterly affection for her brother runs deep ... so deep, in fact, that the villagers think it incestuous.  So, when Thomas falls in love with the temptress Vera, a fearful jealousy and overprotectiveness grips Hanna.  

Another Veit Harlan film, which tries to show the triumph of virtuous human feelings over degenerate and evil passions, but in the end succeeds only in highlighting his fascination with those same evil and corrupt forces.  Like most of his films, Hanna Amon leaves the viewer with the feeling of having to scrub one's self intensely in a hot shower after watching the film.  His wife Kristina Soederbaum -- always the star in his films -- dies in the end, as usual.

Die erwachsenen Waisen-Geschwister Hanna und Thomas Amon leben gemeinsam auf dem elterlichen Berghof, der sich seit Generationen im Besitz der Familie befindet. Hanna ist ihrem Bruder in tiefer geschwisterlicher Zuneigung verbunden. Daher reagiert sie überaus eifersüchtig, als Thomas sich in die verführerische Vera verliebt…

DVD-R is in German with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 102 mins.  See sample for film quality!

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