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Hans Wolff Writers: Siegfried Geyer (play), Juliane Kay | 1 more credit » Stars: Johanna Matz, Gerhard Riedmann, Nina Sandt

On his way to Vienna's Hotel Sacher, the heir prince meets the daughter of one of the city's councilors.  He falls in love with her and takes an excursion into the city's bourgeois world.  Unfortunately, his love affair is soon exposed to Vienna's high society and a scandal ensues.

Auf dem Weg zum Wiener Hotel Sacher begegnet der Erbprinz in seiner Kutsche einer Wiener Hofratstochter. Er verliebt sich in sie und leistet sich einen Abstecher in die bürgerliche Welt. Sein Liebesabenteuer bleibt der feinen Gesellschaft nicht verborgen und es kommt zu einem Skandal.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles.  Approx.  90 mins.  See film sample for quality!

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Cinderella breaks her glass slipper, 8/23/2023 4:11 PM
From: Wolfie
1950s movies are often overly kitschy and sugary, this one's not too bad in that regard and the 'ballroom' scene dancing in the rain with the Archduke is very nice and romantic, the problem is that the way it comes about is rather questionable.
We'll call this one a 'fractured fairy tale'.
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