Artikelnummer 3350

FRIEDA (1947)

Basil Dearden, Angus MacPhail, Ronald Millar, David Farrar, Glynis Johns, Mai Zetterling

After the Second World War, a number of German women found themselves in Great Britain as war brides.  If it weren't difficult enough to resettle in a foreign country, the attitude of many of their foreign enemies didn't make life easier or pleasant for these women.  The ensuing hostility, justified or not, resulted in films like Frieda.  The title character plays the German wife of an RAF officer.  Though an avowed anti-Nazi, Frieda has to deal with hostility and prejudice from her husband's friends and family.  And things don't improve for her at all when her brother Ricky shows up, supposedly a conscript in the Polish Army, but actually something very different.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx. 94 mins. + a 10 min. documentary about the Berlin Airlift.  See film sample for audio and video quality.

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