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NEWSREELS FROM ALLIED OCCUPIED GERMANY 3 (2013) * with switchable English subtitles *

The guns have fallen silent in Europe; the Western Allies have consolidated control in their zones. The Wochenschau reports with their introductory music from Liszt's Les Preludes are no longer broadcast. But a new propaganda has replaced the Deutsche Wochenschau; it's the newsreels of the Allied conquerors: Welt im Film.


Subtitled version of the second part of Europe in Ruins, long available in our webstore (and still available for those who don’t need subtitles).  The DVD carries Welt im Film newsreels from 07 September to 19 October 1945.  The contents are as follows:


·         Petain is sentenced

·         The Rhine is once again navigable

·         before the trial against the war criminals

·         England’s most modern commercial airplane

·         returning home to reconstruction

·         the last war pictures from the Pacific

·         explosion in Oslo’s harbor

·         the fastest airplane in the world

·         forest fire in the USA

·         penicillin

·         the flying telephone wire

·         a camera tour of Stuttgart

·         the world celebrates peace

·         Berlin today

·         a curious yachting race

·         the building of an airfield

·         curfew compliance

·         France’s industries rebuild

·         the U.N.’s relief agency at work

·         the atomic bomb

·         German schools

·         the last war pictures from the Pacific

·         soldiers become farmers

·         securing world peace

·         Quisling is sentenced to death

·         Field Marshal Montgomery in Oldenburg

·         a camera tour of Essen

·         radar

·         General de Gaulle in America

·         the advice of the foreign minister

·         soccer

·         blowing up a bridge in Marseille

·         the last Spitfire

·         Schmeling before the court

·         Japan surrenders

·         the glockenspiel turns again

·         London greets its heroes

·         vacation on the Danube

·         international women’s conference

·         the first boxing matches

·         a general returns home

·         a peaceful industry

·         Singapore once more English


TOTAL DURATION: 122 MINUTES. FILM QUALITY:  variable, but mostly soft quality.