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NEWSREELS FROM ALLIED OCCUPIED GERMANY 2 (2013) * with switchable English subtitles *

The guns have fallen silent in Europe; the Western Allies have consolidated control in their zones. The Wochenschau reports with their introductory music from Liszt's Les Preludes are no longer broadcast. But a new propaganda has replaced the Deutsche Wochenschau; it's the newsreels of the Allied conquerors: Welt im Film.


Subtitled version of the second part of Europe in Ruins, long available in our webstore (and still available for those who don’t need subtitles).  The DVD carries Welt im Film newsreels from 06 July to 17 August 1945.  The contents are as follows:


·         King Haakon returns to Norway

·         the U-Boat war is over

·         tondon receives Eisenhower

·         the reconstruction of the German railways

·         the expelled

·         the Allied Control Council

·         victory parade in Moscow

·         war secrets

·         the 1,000,000th prisoner of war returns home

·         food for Holland

·         the village of martyrs

·         reconstruction

·         Lidice

·         German troops leave Holland

·         Canada builds Superfortresses for America

·         a camera tour of Venice

·         bridge-building tanks

·         America celebrates Eisenhower

·         Bremerhaven cleared

·         1940:  England’s flammable defense

·         UNRRA’s aid in Europe

·         memorial service for Gestapo victims

·         German mines once more operational

·         victory parade in Pilsen

·         Canadian parade in London

·         in flooded Holland

·         the Allies in Berlin

·         new missions for the Hungarian Navy

·         America’s newest fighter-bomber

·         France helps Algeria

·         a camera tour around Stuttgart

·         Paris on July 14

·         Japanese surrender on Okinawa

·         war orphans

·         the Allies in Berlin

·         the British fleet in the Pacific

·         Marshal Petain before the court

·         UNRRA’s relief work in Europe


FILM QUALITY:  variable, but mostly soft quality.

IN GERMAN WITH SWITCHABLE ENGLISH SUBTITLES (except for the first two newsreels, which are in English and have hard encoded German subtitles).