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MISS EVELYNE, DIE BADEFEE (1929) *with switchable English subtitles*

Norman Dix Writer: Norman Dix Stars: Pilar Munza, Marietta Manetti and Karl Peukert
Alter Preis: $13.99
Preis: $9.99

The daughter of an American millionaire, Ms. Evelyne, arrives at a resort in Bavaria for some rest and relaxation from her busy shopping schedule.  Her beauty and charm causes the usual flock of suitors to chase after her (her “beauty and charm” being mostly green and crisp, if you know what I mean).  And while no one should have to put up with the annoying pestering of suitors while taking a well-deserved break from trying on dresses and dining at the finest restaurants, Ms. Evelyne shows that concern so typical of the wealthy for their less fortunate subjects by using her money to have her newly paid lackeys make fools of her suitors.  It’s all in good fun --- for her, not the superficial morons chasing after her --- and her girlfriend even takes part in the game, switching identities with her and leading the jackasses around by the nose up and down mountains and into steambaths.  Finally, Ms. Evelyne meets a doctor, who is only somewhat sure of the identity of his paramour and later on, when Ms. Evelyne deigns to inform him, that he’s to be her lucky suitor, he’s enraged that she deceived him by hiding her identity.  In the end, however, all’s well that ends well; for even the doctor realizes that it’s okay to play everyone for a fool as long as you have the money to pay off the injuries, both real and emotionally felt.

DVD-R is in German with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 72 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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