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Edgar Selwyn Writers: Doris Anderson (dialogue continuity), Vincent Lawrence (adopted from play "Among the Married") Stars: Adolphe Menjou, Leila Hyams, Norman Foster

When socialite Callie Brooks decides to divorce her husband Henry, she cheerfully announces her decision at one of the regular weekend house parties given at her Sands Point, New York home. Callie's friend, Helen Robinson, immediately congratulates her on the clever stunt and wishes that she could be as original in finding a way to leave her husband, Joe. Though Helen applauds Callie's announcement, Connie Mills, another guest, tells her husband Jack that she finds the casual treatment of divorce distasteful. While Joe falls ill and retreats to the library, Helen joins her playboy paramour, Tony Minot, on the balcony, where she tells him that their affair must come to an end because their love has "gone cold." Later, Joe accuses Helen of ignoring his needs and being more than just a golfing parter to Tony. Joe's suspicions of Tony also lead him to inform Jack that the roué is after Connie as well. Jack quickly dismisses the thought and expresses his confidence that Connie will remain faithful to him. When Jack's car breaks down, Tony drives the Millses home and joins them for a nightcap. While Jack mixes their drinks in the kitchen, Tony tries to woo Connie, but she resists him and reassures him that she loves her husband. Jack realizes that Tony's sole interest in his home is his wife, so with Connie's approval, he throws him out. On his way out, Tony accuses Jack of cheating on Connie when he had an affair with a Follies girl. Connie overhears the charge, but she believes Jack when he tells her that he is innocent. 

DVD-r is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 71 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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