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James Whale, Charles Kenyon, Erich Maria Remarque), John 'Dusty' King, Richard Cromwell, Slim Summerville

Film version of Remarque's novel Der Weg Zuruck, the sequel to his All Quiet on the Western Front.  In the bitter wake of Germany's defeat after World War I, a handful of German soldiers try to adjust to civilian life in a country very different from the one they left years earlier.  One of the soldiers finds himself helping to repulse rioters demanding food from a shop owned by the town's mayor.  In return, the grateful mayor offers the ex-soldier his daughter's hand in marriage.  Another ex-soldier becomes a political activist for a group of citizens demanding precious food as well.  But this time, the soldier ends up in a very different situation from being offered someone's hand in marriage.  Another soldier visits his former schoolteacher, who presents him with an ironic gift:  a toy gun he took away from him when he was a student in his class.  Combining a strong anti-war message with prescient warnings about the dangers of the rising Nazi regime, The Road Back was intended to be a powerful and controversial picture, and Universal entrusted it to their finest director, James Whale. However, by the time shooting was completed, new management had taken over the studio, and Nazi officials began applying pressure to Universal (as well as members of the film's cast) to delete the material critical of the Nazis, threatening to scuttle European distribution of future Universal product if their demands were not met. Universal bowed to their wishes, and the film was partially re-shot with another director, and the remainder extensively re-edited, leaving the final product a pale shadow of what Whale had originally intended.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx. 100 mins.  Strong pixellization and softness.  Scratchy sound  (see video sample!)

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