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WESTERPLATTE (1967) *improved video and improved switchable English subtitles *

Stanislaw Rózewicz, Zygmunt Hubner, Arkadiusz Bazak and Tadeusz Schmidt

Old Picture Sample (Prior to 15 Dec 2016):

New Picture Sample (As of 15 Dec 2016):

Old Picture Sample (Prior to 15 Dec 2016):

New Picture Sample (As of 15 Dec 2016):

Westerplatte - a peninsula at the entry to Gdansk Harbor. A Polish ammunition depot in the free City Gdansk. It's crew - one infantry company and a group of civilians. A total of 182 people. The only Polish guard-post at the mouth of the Vistula. Five sentries, one field cannon, two anti-armor guns, four mortars. It was the first obstacle to Hitler's predatory march across Europe. The first shots of World War II were fired here. At dawn of first September 1939, the "Schleswig-Holstein" approached to within several hundred meters of Westerplatte and at 4.45 hours opened fire. It's the beginning of World War II. The German ship maintained fire for 6 minutes, after which the infantry moved in to attack. For about 200 Polish soldiers and their commander, Major Henryk Sucharski it's the first of seven days of their heroic defense.

DVD-R is in Polish with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 92 mins. See film samples for audio and video quality!


Old Film Sample (Prior to 15 Dec 2016):

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New Film Sample (As of 15 Dec 2016):

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