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AUSTERIA (1982) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Tadeusz Konwicki | 2 more credits » Stars: Franciszek Pieczka, Wojciech Pszoniak, Jan Szurmiej

1914: The First World War has just begun. In Austrian Galicia, Tag, a Jew, runs an inn and lives with his daughter and granddaughter; as well as a young woman, who resides in his barn and is a quasi-mistress to the innkeeper. It isn't long before the war comes to Galicia, with Hungarians and Cossacks fighting for control of the region. The shtetl's inhabitants quickly pack up and are intent on fleeing the fighting. Despite encouragement from his neighbors to do the same, Tag refuses to leave, stating there isn't much use in running, because there's nowhere to go; and, in fact, many of his fleeing neighbors do end up coming back. As the days pass, Tag ends up playing host to many of the shtetl's former residents, seeking protection from marauding Cossacks intent on carrying out pogroms against the helpless Jews. The film subtly makes a point of suggesting that the Jews' own passivity in the face of persecution sowed the seeds for their eventual destruction in the next war. Nevertheless, its treatment of the Jews is undoubtedly sympathetic, despite the controversial suggestion of complicity in their eventual extermination.

DVD-R is in Polish with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 106 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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