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Paul Hunt Writers: Bob Cresse (as R.W. Cresse), Paul Hunt Stars: James Brand, Frank Cuva, Albert James

Who in their right mind would make a softcore sex-comedy about the Arab-Israeli conflict? Especially only two years after the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and defeated neighbors Egypt, Jordan and Syria? That proud distinction goes to '60s-surfboard-maker-turned-director Paul Hunt, who cranked out this unfathomable, stereotype-laden cheapie in which a trio of sexy Israeli spies go undercover and give everything for their country. Based on a story by legendary sleazemeister R.W. Cresse, the exploitation never gets too extreme, but the plot is consistently outlandish, with the steamiest impression made by lovely Monica Gayle (in one of her earliest features).

In hopes of provoking their Arab enemies, Israeli General Irving Roseberg must send a message to a double agent inside Jordan and rounds up several female candidates (who hang around the kibbutz half-naked and are observed via hidden cameras) for this secret mission. The brass then chooses three Special Forces babes, who'll each enter the country separately, carrying a different portion of this vital message. It's not the brightest plan, but the real stupidity is in the details! Kaplan disguises herself as a caravan's "camel boy"; Toblosky  pretends to be an Armenian farmgirl; and Schwartz plays one of 27 wives belonging to a 90-year-old Turk. Of course, their sexual wiles soon come in handy, with the caravan leader hitting on Kaplan (convinced she's a 14-year-old boy) and Schwartz seduced by one of the other harem wives. Alas, the Arabs get wind of this Israeli scheme and all three spies are eventually exposed (in more ways than one). But instead of the usual torture, UCLA-educated Ali, son of the world's richest sheik, has a modern way of handling spies involving a hookah full of rare "magical smoke"... This is a fascinating mess. The lead ladies display their fair share of bare flesh, from intermittent nude fondling to being strung up topless, but the attempts at humor are pathetic (e.g., one Arab thinks he can flush out Jewish spies by handing out free matzah balls; Schwartz blows her cover by blurting out, "Oy vey, you schmuck!" in public); most of the Arab characters are bed-sheet-wearing stereotypes. Strangest of all are the film's bookending segments set in the far-off future (1982 Tel Aviv!), with one-time enemies Irving and Ali running a men's clothing shop together, now that all of this silly Israeli-Arab animosity has ended and their countries have merged into one big, peaceful place.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles.  Approx. 77 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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