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Abraham Leff, Henry Lynn, Henry Lynn, William Siegal, Celia Adler, Morris Strassberg, Morris Silberkasten

A must for anyone interested in Palestine before the creation of the Jewish state.  The film is a travelogue through the 1930s British Mandate, focusing on Jews living and working in the Holy Land.  Locations featured include important sites in Jeusalem; the Judean Hills; Mikhve Israel Agricultural School; Rishon le Zion; Rehovot; Nes Ziona; the Jezreel Valley; Tiberias; Lak Kinneret; Tel Aviv; etc. The remainder of the DVDs consist of newsreels (mainly British Pathe) about Palestine and Israel from 1925 - 1949.


Main Feature:  Dream of My People  (1933)


  • Jerusalem  (1920 - 1939)
  • First Pictures from Palestine  (1929) 
  • In Palestine Today  (1938)
  • Australia versus Palestine Football Match  (1939)
  • In Palestine Today - Tel Aviv  (1939)
  • Palestine Today - Back to the Land  (1939)
  • Jordan Valley  (1940 - 1949)
  • News from Palestine  (1946)
  • UN Meets on Palestine  (1948)
  • Britain recognizes Israel  (1949
  • The Palestine Story
DVD-R is in English and Hebrew (with subtitles, when necessary).  The newsreels are in English.  Quality of the feature film is soft and scratchy; newsreels vary in quality.  Total times:  Main Feature - 66 mins.; Newsreels - 56 mins.

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