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GOD, MAN AND THE DEVIL (1949) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Joseph Seiden Writers: Izidor Frankel, Jacob Gordin (play) Stars: Michal Michalesko, Gustav Berger, Berta Gersten

A wager between God and Satan has dire consequences in this allegory based on the play by Jacob Gordin about the material world's false promises. Beware when money sounds sweeter than music, it cautions; those who win lotteries stand to lose all, including their spiritual treasures, families, communities and religion. Poor, pious Torah scribe Hershele Dubrovner has a life that glorifies God until Satan, disguised as a business partner, turns him into a greedy, dishonest factory owner whose success desecrates both his religion and his community. Betrayal and abandonment replace serenity and familiarity; the instruments of good fortune become instruments of death. Not even music, previously Hershele's joy, can heal these rifts.

DVD-R IS IN YIDDISH WITH HARD-ENCODED ENGLISH SUBTITLES.  Approx. 100 mins.  See sample for film quality!

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