Artikelnummer 3390

HER SECOND MOTHER (1940) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Joseph Seiden, Izidor Frankel, Esta Salzman, Max Badin, Rose Greenfield

Surele Polakoff, a stenographer in the office of Molinofsky & Son, asks bookkeeper Ben Grossman, whom she accuses of philandering, to terminate his romance with her sister Bella.  At home, Bella's mother Esther asks he to leave Ben, whom she calls a loafer.  Upset that Surele has spoken out against Ben, Bella blurts out that Esther loves Surele more than her, even though Surele is not her daughter by birth.  Esther, who in a moment of weakness revealed the secret of Surele's birth to Bella, begs her not to tell Surele.  Then, three days later, Surele learns $25,000 is missing from the office safe.  She, of course, suspects Ben's the thief and that Bella will be implicated in the money's disappearance.  Sure enough, Ben visits Bella later that day and, saying he just inherited $25,000, gives her $15,000 to hide and tells her to be ready to be married the next day, after which they'll move to South America.

DVD-R is in Yiddish with hard-encoded subtitles.  Approx. 84 mins. + a 9 min. contemporary newsreels.  See video sample for film and audio quality.

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