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BAR MITZVAH (1935) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Henry Lynn Writers: Henry Lynn, Boris Thomashefsky (play) Stars: Gertrude Bulman, Anita Chayes, Sam Colton

Israel, a widowed Polish Jew, whose wife Leah was lost at sea ten years earlier, is preparing his son Yudele for his Bar Mitzvah.  In the interim since his wife's disappearance, Israel's married Rosalie, a schemer planning to rob him and run off with her lover.  But Leah actually survived that shipwreck and has recently regained her memory.  She hears from her in-laws that Israel's remarried and with typical, Jewish self-sacrifice (accordingly mixed with martyrdom), she decides she can't cause her family any more pain  Secretly, she attends Yudele's Bar Mitzvah, but is conveniently discovered, when Yudele chants Kaddish (the prayer for the dead) for his deceased mother and she unavoidably cries.  Eventually, Israel discovers his new wife's treachery, but the result is hardly a happy ending, when her lover --- no doubt clueless about what it's like to be stuck with a Jewish wife --- pulls out a gun instead of counting his blessing and running away.  Luckily, Israel's daughter is dating an American and how could it end up any other way, but the two con artists being overcome and getting their just punishment?

DVD-r is in Yiddish with hard-encoded English subtitles.  Approx. 72 mins. + a 9 min. newsreel.  

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