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PROSTOI SLUCHAI (A Simple Case) (1932) * with switchable English subtitles *

Vsevolod Pudovkin, Mikhail Doller Writers: Mikhail Koltsov (idea), Aleksandr Rzheshevsky Stars: Aleksandr Baturin, Yevgeniya Rogulina, Mariya Belousova

The Russian Civil War has come to an end. The soldiers returned home from the front. A strong friendship links three comrades together: former Red commanders Langovoy, Zheltikov and, senior among them, Uncle Sasha. All three friends work at military headquarters. Uncle Sasha and Zheltikov are bachelors. They live together in one room. Friends often come to visit the cozy apartment belonging to Langovoy and his wife Masha.  Masha remained at Langovoy’s side during the war. She selflessly cared for Langovoy when he fell ill.  When he recovers from his illness, Masha leaves on a trip to see her family in the countryside. During her absence, Langovoy falls in love with a woman he met during a street accident. Langovoy's friends condemn his behavior. Masha is informed of this affair by letter.  When she returns home, will there be a chance for their marriage to survive?



Very good quality with quite a number of dropouts and snow (from the original print, not the transfer process). LENGTH OF FEATURE FILM:  70 mins.


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