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SIMONA (1974) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Patrick Longchamps Writers: Georges Bataille (novel), Patrick Longchamps Stars: Laura Antonelli, Marc Audier, Ramon Berry

Watching a bullfight, Simone recalls the day when, while making love on the beach with Georges, they were being spied on by a girl.  She remembers how Georges and she made friends with Marcelle and how they discovered that she was being manipulated by her demented father and wicked uncle.  Eventually, this led to a ménage à trois, which ended in tragedy.  Got it?  Good for you; you're obviously a deeper person than I am.

Lots of dark shades; dark humor; dark twists and turns ... Not recommended for the easily confused or those who like to drop acid while watching films.

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English and Spanish subtitles.  Approx.  82 mins.  Some softness and pixellization (see film sample below).

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Simona, 2/29/2016 3:17 PM
I was able to watch Simona from start to finish over the weekend.  I noticed that the end credits freeze up at the conclusion of the film and I was wondering whether that is in your original of the movie?  I'm ignorant of the technical details of your business, so there may be an explanation that I simply don't know anything about.  From my one viewing of the movie, I have to say that the movie is an example of an experiement that failed.  I clocked the movie at 82 minutes, by the way.  There are a number of versions of the movie; i.e., differing running times


Thank you for your review.  The sudden freezing at the end of the film when the credits are shown is not accidental.  The original print had a commercial endorsement at its end we felt was inappropriate to include in the film.  We could have edited the film to fade to black so the endorsement wouldn't have been seen, but that would've have meant having to process the entire film, which would have lessened its quality.  In the end, we chose to simply cut it, as it caused no damage to the actual film itself.  As stated in the item description, the film is indeed 82 minutes.  There are a number of versions of this film out there with varying times.  However, this is a particularly hard film to get a hold of and most other versions out there are of significantly poorer quality.

We must also state, that this "review" actually came to us in the form of an email and we have put it in as a review, as we feel it may be of service to those interested in the film.  Because it was not put in by the original commenter as a review, we did not rate the film when inserting the above comments and thus, the review shows a "5" rating.  This is not the writer's choice; simply the default rating when nothing is chosen.
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