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Juan Luis Buñuel Writers: Roberto Bodegas, Juan Luis Buñuel | 6 more credits » Stars: Michel Piccoli, Liv Ullmann, Ornella Muti

In medieval Europe, Lord Richard’s beloved wife Leonor is dying. Despite the best efforts of Richard and his doctor, Leonor expires. Grief-stricken Richard marries Catherine, but he can’t help but pine after Leonor. Eventually Richard smashes open Leonor’s bricked-up crypt in a fit of madness and meets a strange man who claims he can bring Leonor back to life ...but that Richard would be better off leaving her at rest. Richard, however, insists his lost love be brought back. As per his wishes, a living, breathing Leonor appears before him. She remembers little of her former life, but Richard is nonetheless determined to resume where they left off; so much so, that he kills Catherine and drops her corpse into a well. The undead Leonor is uncharacteristically antisocial and inexplicably kills a little girl. This seems to revive her sexual appetite, as is proven the following night when she responds quite vociferously to Richard’s nocturnal advances. More children turn up dead, including Richard’s own, until one day Leonor is caught approaching a little girl tied to a tree who’s been used as bait by outraged villagers. This, however, doesn’t deter the obsessed Richard from continuing his undead romance, even though it seems that Leonor is readying a new victim:  Richard himself!

DVD-R is in multiple languages with English subtitles, where necessary.  Approx. 94 mins.  See film sample for audio and video quality!

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