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DIE WURGHAND (1920) * with English intertitles *

Cornelius Hintner, Victor Kutschera, Carmen Cartellieri and Eugen PreiƟ

Dame Rose is a liberal and impudent youngster who sells flowers in selected and important places for aristocrats. There she is obliged by her greedy brother Toni ( Herr Eugen Preiss ) to flirt with old and rich. She catches the eye of banker Bergern, who has a young and handsome nephew, Baron Stein. Dame Rose promptly falls in love with Stein so she continues her flirtation both men at the same time. One night, Toni forces Rose to reveal where in his house Bergern keeps his money. As Toni is robbing the house, the banker unexpectedly returns and is shot dead by Toni. Rose and Toni escape to the Austrian "Semmering" to avoid capture as well as starting a new life.

DVD-R IS SILENT WITH ENGLISH INTERTITLES. Excellent quality; any defects are due to the original print and not to transfer issues. LENGTH OF FEATURE FILM:  69 mins

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