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SCHOOLGIRL REPORT - VOLUME 4 (1972) * with switchable English subtitles *

Ernst Hofbauer Writers: Günther Hunold (book), Kurt Seelmann (epilogue in the book) | 1 more credit » Stars: Eleonore Leipert, Puppa Armbruster, Marina Blümel

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The first tale in this film involves a young girl who, having already repeated the grade once before, approaches her math teacher with a tantalizing proposition. Aware of his infatuation with her, she suggests a trade; her body for the answers to the big math test. A tempting offer, but if the professor is caught could, it could cost his tenure.

The second tale centers on a repeat sexual offender who's been masquerading as a doctor. Passing himself off as a school physician, the older man is able to gain the trust of his prey, in this instance a stunning redhead, upon which he administers any number of unorthodox examinations. The idea of posing as a school doctor is so ingenious, that a horny boyfriend tries the trick at his girlfriend's house, but finds more than he bargained for when the young girl’s father slips a disc.

Next, we're introduced to Caroline, adopted from Africa by parents who could not conceive on their own. She is constantly tormented and teased by her fellow classmates, jealous of her dark skin and the attention that it brings from the boys on campus. While showering after gym glass, Caroline is invited to a party after school, and while wearisome of such an invite from the same girls who mock her on a daily bases, she accepts, hoping to finally fit in. However, upon her arrival she quickly discerns that the invitation was a set up. Jealous of her ebony beauty, her female contemporaries strip her bare and hold her down so that a trio of male classmates can have their way with her. Caroline’s only hope, her boyfriend Hans, unable to escort her to the party, arrives fashionably late just in time to witness the vile act and defend her honor.

The following segment finds Josef in desperate need of 1,300 Marks in order to repair his father’s car, which he took without permission and wrecked. Quick to help a friend, Josef’s classmates pool their money at lunch, but barely have 100 Marks combined. Brainstorming over ways to earn money, a small group of students decide to start prostituting, catering specifically to johns who favor young schoolgirls. Splitting the money equally, the group quickly begins to earn more than their weekly allowances; but how long can a good thing last before the wrong john discovers the students' decadent endeavor?

The fifth story takes place at a park where a quartet of lovely ladies takes great pleasure in teasing an older gentleman ogling them from afar. Constantly having to jump into the cold water to “calm down”, the quirky chap is delighted when the four beauties decide to guide him into the nearby forest with every intention of getting back to nature.

Next we are introduced to Barbara, who lives with her brother Wolfgang and their parents in a four bedroom house. For some unexplainable reason, the two siblings are forced to share a room, which proves tortuous for Barbara as her blossoming womanhood has her hormones in overdrive. The close living quarters have developed incestuous fantasies within Barbara who feels that her brother is overlooking her beauty for the harlots he frequently spends time with.

The last story, about a young girl’s reluctance to surcome to the desires of her sex addicted boyfriend, is rather tame in comparison.

DVD-R is in German with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 86 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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