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THE WIND (1928) * with hard-encoded English and Portguese subtitles *

This silent film tells the story of a sheltered woman named Letty (Lillian Gish) who lives in the East in Virginia and moves to West Texas to live at her cousin Beverly's ranch at Sweet Water.  On her way, she is constantly bothered by the never stopping blowing wind.  Wirt Roddy (Montagu Love) notices and seduces her in the train.  He scares her by saying the wind usually drives women crazy.  After her arrival, she is picked up by Beverly's closest neighbour Lige Hightower (Lars Hanson), who lives 15 miles from her cousin.  Letty is afraid of him, but Roddy assures her he will visit her sometimes to look how she is doing.  After endless miles in sand and wind, they arrive at the ranch.  Beverly (Edward Earle) is delighted with her arrival, but his wife Cora (Dorothy Cumming) is only jealous, despite Letty saying she and Beverly are like brother and sister.  Her grudge against Letty becomes even worse when her children have an immediate connection with her, while they all seem to dislike their mother.

DVD-R has English intertitles and hard-encoded Portuguese subtitles.  APPROX 75 MINS. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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