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Clarence Brown Writers: Dwinelle Benthall (titles), Melville W. Brown, 5 more credits » Stars: Pauline Frederick, Laura La Plante, Malcolm McGregor

At 40, Jane Vale, a domineering and successful businesswoman, falls in love with Robert Elliott, a young man employed in the factory she manages. She makes him her private secretary, and he soon asks her to marry him, both out of gratitude and to defend her reputation against the ugly gossip of his fellow workers. Before the wedding, Jane's younger sister, Dorothy, returns from college, and she and Robert fall in love, but they lack the courage to tell Jane. Robert and Jane are married, and he tries to make her happy, but everything conspires to make her feel the difference in their ages: she is worn out and worried, unsuccessfully trying to look young and unable to mingle easily with Robert's young friends. When Jane finally realizes that Robert, though he is faithful and attentive to her, is really in love with Dorothy, she pretends that she no longer loves him and asks for a divorce. Robert and Dorothy, alike in age and inclination, are thus free to find the happiness that has eluded Jane. 

DVD-R is silent with English intertitles.  Approx. 90 mins. + a 7 min. "Pongo the Pup" cartoon.  Some softness and minor interlacing.

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