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Josef von Sternberg, Arthur Rosson (uncredited) Writers: Charles Furthman (adaptation) (as Charles Furthmann), Ben Hecht (story) | 2 more credits » Stars: George Bancroft, Clive Brook, Evelyn Brent

An explosion shatters the façade of a bank building; crime kingpin Bull Weed has "closed another account." He emerges from the wreckage carrying his swag; but while making his getaway, he spots a derelict wandering past, a potential witness, despite his apparent inebriated state. Instead of killing him, Weed knocks him cold, throws him in his car, and takes off, intending to figure out later what to do with his unexpected "guest." He takes a liking to the erudite but totally dissolute man, christening him "Rolls Royce" and keeping him around as an elegant stooge, advisor, and sometime driver. The man is only too happy to be taken off the streets and set up in an apartment with a full library of books at his disposal, and the two men's relationship is harmonious and mutually beneficial -- the former derelict has a home, and the crime boss gets smart advice. Weed's most notable rival is vicious hood "Buck" Mulligan, who doesn't like Weed and also covets his girlfriend, "Feathers" McCoy. Rolls Royce is also drawn to Feathers, who is, in turn, attracted to the gentle, witty man; however, out of decency to Bull, who has been a benefactor in his own way to both of them, they agree to stay away from each other. This drives Rolls Royce back to the bottle part of the time. Weed and Mulligan finally have it out during the underworld's annual drunken bacchanal. Mulligan tries to take advantage of his rival's passing out in a stupor by having his way with Feathers, but Bull awakens with help from Mulligan's jealous girlfriend and Rolls Royce, and proceeds to rescue Feathers and finish Mulligan -- an act that gets him charged with murder, convicted, and sentenced to die. Feathers and Rolls Royce, with the help of Bull's gang, try to help him break out on the eve of his execution, but their plan fails. Bull manages to escape on his own, though, and goes seeking revenge against Feathers and Rolls Royce, whom he believes have betrayed him. 

DVD-R is silent with English intertitles. Approx. 81 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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