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Fritz Lang Writers: David Belasco (play), Max Jungk | 1 more credit » Stars: Paul Biensfeldt, Lil Dagover, Georg John

Daimyo Tokujawa comes back home to Nagasaki from Europe where he was Japanese ambassador. His daughter O-Take-San is stalked by her uncle the Bonze and his temple servant Karan. While the Bonze intends to consecrate her as a priestess of Buddha, Karan intends to make her a geisha in a Teahouse. The Bonze sends the Mikado a letter pretending that the Daimyo, influenced by Western culture, is conspiring against him. Three weeks later, while Tokujawa is giving a big party to celebrate Fallen Leaves, the Mikado sends him a sword, meaning that he is intended to commit Hara-Kiri and he dutifully complies. While O-Take-San is waiting in the Holy Forest to be initiated as Buddha Priestess, Danish Naval officer Olaf Jens Anderson breaks in and falls in love with her. The Bonze locks her in a cave but Karan frees her and brings her to a Teahouse where she becomes a geisha. There she meets Anderson again and he decides to marry her for 999 days in the Japanese tradition, with the right to divorce her whenever he wants. O-Take-San is very happy with Anderson, but after just one year he is called back home. O-Take-San, who has got a son from him after his departure, waits for his return, but Anderson does not return to her. Prince Matahari wants to marry her but she says that she will always be married to Olaf. After four years, the day comes when her marriage under Japanese law has expired. She must go back to the Teahouse and her child will be taken by the State. This is when Olaf comes back to Nagasaki. At his side stands his wife Eva, whom he married in the meantime in Copenhagen. Eva is told about O-Take-San and that her boy will be taken by the State and she declares that she is ready to take care of the child. She goes to see O-Take-San who is devastated by the fact that Olaf will not even come to see her. She tells Eva that she will only give her son to Olaf himself. While Eva tries to convince Olaf to come with her, O-Take-San commits Hara-Kiri, with the same sword as her father.

DVD-R is silent with English intertitles. Approx. 86 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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