Artikelnummer 28


Lída Baarová, Willy Birgel and Irene von Meyendorff, Karl Ritter


This 1936 film tells the story of the doings of foreign agents in Germany and their allies among the German population.  Having placed an ad in a local paper looking for "contact with bigwigs in German industry", enemy agents Morris and Geyer end up making contact with an engineer named Brockau.  Brockau has developed an improvement in turning oil into gasoline and that's just what these enemy agents are looking for.  Brockau, for his part, needs money, because his girlfriend is a selfish cow who demands more and more toys and trinkets, which has put our naive little nerd deep into debt.  Brockau, however, is not the only unwitting maroon to fall into the clutches of the evil agents:  the former bank agent Hans Klemm, now doing his service in the Wehrmacht, ends up being contacted by an agent from the other side and ends up getting blackmailed into working for them.  But Klemm is not dumb:  before he gets himself too deep into the morass, he figures out their game and manages to thwart the greedy enemy from doing more harm than they have. 

Some excellent scenes -- quite rare, as a matter of fact -- showing the new German tank corps and air force in action  (and the navy, too), complete with bi-winged and single-winged planes of the early type, where the wing sat ABOVE the plane and not even with it.  Entertaining.

87 minutes long.  Quality of the film can be best described as excellent VHS quality with some remarkably clear parts in the film.  The gain on the sound is not the best and you may have to turn the volume up on your TV more than usual to hear the film well.

Region Free  (can play in any DVD player).