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NIGHT AMBUSH (Ill Met by Moonlight) (1957) * with English and Spanish audio tracks *

Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger Dirk Bogarde ... Major Patrick Leigh Fermor Marius Goring Marius Goring ... Major General Kreipe David Oxley David Oxley ... Captain W. Stanley Moss, M.C. Dimitri Andreas Dimitri Andreas ... Niko (as Demetri Andreas) Cyril Cusack Cyril Cusack ... Sandy Laurence Payne Laurence Payne ... Manoli Wolfe Morris Wolfe Morris ... George Michael Gough Michael Gough ... Andoni Zoidakis John Cairney John Cairney ... Elias Brian Worth Brian Worth ... Stratis Saviolkis Roland Bartrop Roland Bartrop ... Micky Akoumianakis (as Rowland Bartrop) George Eugeniou George Eugeniou ... Charis Zographakis Paul Stassino Paul Stassino ... Yani Katsias Adeeb Assaly Adeeb Assaly ... Zahari Theo Moreas Theo Moreas ... Village Priest

An unlikely pair of heroes kidnap a Nazi general from the German headquarters on Crete, in order to transport him to British-occupied Cairo. Aided by a group of Cretan freedom fighters, they hijack the general's car, then lead their captive through dangerous mountain terrain to a waiting boat, while an immense number of German soldiers look for their missing leader.

DVD-R has English and Spanish audio tracks with switchable Spanish subtitles. Approx. 100 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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