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A real find for lovers of Pomerania and all things Pomeranian (no, not the dog).
This CD-ROM has 1500 postcards concerning the landscapes, culture and people of Pomerania, mostly from the time before the Second World War.  The postcards were issued by both Germans and Poles.  There are pictures of just the face of the cards; but in some cases, the pictures also shown the written side, too. 
There is also a 12-city addressbook for Pomerania, which was put out in 1933, which covers the following locations, indexed by the number of inhabitants:
  • Neustettin
  • Rummelsburg
  • Bad Polzin
  • Bublitz
  • Falkenburg
  • Jastrow
  • Schlochau
  • Tempelburg
  • Hammerstein
  • Ratzebuhr
  • Barwalde
  • Blankenburg
This is the ideal gift for family and those interested in the subject.  Easy to use and instantly viewable on your computer.  (NOTE:  if you do not have the software on your computer to view either the postcards and/or the address book, you will find we have uploaded links to viewing programs on the CD.  If you have any questions or need assistance, simply write to us and let us know!)