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10 DVD SET: THE GEORG WILHELM PABST COLLECTION * with switchable English subtitles *

Georg Wilhelm Pabst; Alexander Granach, Fritz Kampers and Ernst Busch, Gustav Diessl, Brigitte Helm, Hertha von Walther; Albert Steinrück, Lucie Mannheim; Ilka Grüning; Renate Brausewetter, Gregori Chmara and Mario Cusmich; Brigitte Helm, Heinz Klingenberg and Gustav Diessl; Werner Krauss, Ruth Weyher and Ilka Grüning; Henny Porten, Oskar Sima, Ludwig Stössel; Louise Brooks, Josef Rovenský, Fritz Rasp; Fritz Kampers, Gustav Diessl and Hans-Joachim Moebis; Bernhard Wicki, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Carl Wery; Gustav Diessl, Leni Riefenstahl and Ernst Petersen

Artikelnummer: 1048

Alter Preis: $125.91

% $99.99

11 DVD SET: 14 SOVIET FILMS ABOUT THE SECOND WORLD WAR * with switchable English subtitles *

Ballad of a Soldier; Destiny of a Man; Dark is the Night; Dawns Here are Quiet; Der grosse Vaterländische Krieg; Father of a Soldier; Enthusiasm: Donbass Symphony; Hot Snow; Hut Two Went the Soldiers; Bezhin Lug; Only Old Men are going to Battle; The Fall of Berlin; They fought for their Motherland; Trial on the Road

Artikelnummer: 3123

Alter Preis: $125.99

% $99.99



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