1. Will the movie play in my DVD player? The simple answer is "YES" - unless you have a really old model (like 15 years old) that cannot play DVD-Rs in which case it's time to get a new one!

  2. Will the movie play in my country? Yes. All DVDs we sell have no regional restrictions and will play anywhere. We have customers in the U.S., Europe, Australia and other countries.

  3. What is the quality of the recording? If there are any serious flaws - they will be mentioned in the description and in many cases there is a video sample provided. Please do not write to us asking for a more detailed answer. If the DVD fails to meet your (reasonable) expectations or if there is a mistake (or omission) in the item description, we will provide a refund.

  4. When will I get my item? In most cases we are able to provide a tracking #. International customers (outside the U.S.) should assume at least a 2 week wait. If the item fails to arrive within a month, we will send a repacement free of charge.

  5. What is the shipping charge? You can get a shipping cost estimate when you view the contents of the shopping cart. You only need to select the shipping country without providing a full shipping address.

  6. How are DVDs shipped? Our DVDs come in plastic DVD cases with color artwork inserts. (There is also artwork printed directly on the DVDs.) However you can choose to have them shipped in plain, cardboard sleeves which reduces weight and shipping costs. This service is meant especially for our international customers.

  7. My discount code is not working. Please refer to these INSTRUCTIONS

  8. I have a problem using the website / I don't know how to check out items. Simply write to us HERE. We will be happy to help. You can also place your order via email. We will send you a PayPal invoice you can pay with a credit card.