Effective 14 April 2015, anyone who is registered in our webstore and orders through the webstore (You MUST be signed in EVERY TIME you place your order) will accumulate Frequent Buyer Points.  For every TWO Dollars spent (including postage) you will earn one point towards future purchases.  When you go to the checkout page, you will see a box which will ask you if you want to use your points for a (further) discount.  There is no minimum tier level to reach to use your points.  However, if you choose to use your points, you will not be able to select how many of them you wish to use; the store will use the maximum you have available to pay your bill and if your point value exceeds the bill, the extra points will be saved for future use.


What do I need to do to join the club?

Nothing.  Starting with the effective date, you will automatically earn points with your purchases.  As of 14 April, no one will have any points.  Your first order on or after that date will accrue points, which, if you want, you can use on the very next order after that.


How many points do I get and what are they worth?

Every TWO dollars you spend on purchases and postage minus any discounts applied (either by coupon sent to you or via volume discount table) will earn you one (1) point.  Each point is worth 1/10 of a dollar  (.10 or 10 cents).  Thus, if you spend, say, $100 on your next order, you will get 50 points worth a $5.00 discount when you use those points.


Do the points expire?  Will I get credit for past orders?

Points never expire and you will continue to accrue them as long as you place your orders on the website.  You can still pay by money order or check; when we receive your payment, your order will be marked 'paid' and you will accrue points for that purchase.  Unfortunately, for technical reasons, it is not possible to give credit for past purchases.


Do my points have value if I wish to cash them out?

They do not.  Should you decide to leave us forever, the points will not be cashed out and sent to you.  You're welcome to come back at any time and use the points in the future, but they have no cash value outside of the store.



This offer can be withdrawn at any time; however, should the plan terminate, points accrued will not be forfeited and can be used as you wish, providing the webstore is still in existence.  In the event the webstore is shut down  (i.e., the company goes out of business), all remaining points are forfeited. 

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