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A GEISHA (Gion Bayashi) (1953) * with switchable English subtitles *

Kenji Mizoguchi Writers: Matsutarô Kawaguchi (novel) Michiyo Kogure ... Miyoharu Ayako Wakao Ayako Wakao ... Eiko Seizaburô Kawazu Seizaburô Kawazu ... Kusuda Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Saburô Date Saburô Date ... Imanishi Kyôko Hisamatsu Kyôko Hisamatsu ... Young girl Sumao Ishihara Sumao Ishihara ... Kokichi Kanae Kobayashi Kanae Kobayashi ... Hairdresser Keiko Kobayashi Keiko Kobayashi Midori Komatsu Midori Komatsu ... Oume Kanji Koshiba Kanji Koshiba ... Kanzaki Kazuko Maeda Kazuko Maeda ... Maid Ryusuke Maki Ryusuke Maki Tokiko Mita Tokiko Mita ... Apprentice geisha #1 Kikue Môri Kikue Môri ... Domestic arts teacher Chieko Naniwa Chieko Naniwa ... Okimi

In post-war Japan, sixteen-year-old Eiko seeks out the geisha Miyoharu in Kyoto, asking her to be a maiko (geisha apprentice). Eiko explains that her mother - who was a geisha and Miyoharu's friend - has just died, her father Sawamoto has failed in business, and her uncle is harassing her. Miyoharu is a warm-hearted woman and agrees to train her. One year later, Eiko's father refuses to be her guarantor and Miyoharu borrows a large amount from the tea-house owner Okimi to buy her kimono and debut in a party. Miyoharu changes Eiko's name to Miyoe and introduces her to clients as her sister. Soon, Miyoharu is charged for the money, but neither she nor Miyoe want to have patrons.

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 84 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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A GEISHA a moving, beautifully told cautionary tale , 25.10.2022 23:08
This is the third film in my recent RARE FILMS purchase line - all have been Japanese films of the same post-war era. I found A GEISHA to be another winner. It's a sad, moving story a young woman who studies with the best intentions to become a geisha, unfortunately, it leads to disasterous results. Excellent character development in a film driven by a compelling trio of actresses. Good, clean subtitles and sound throughout. Efficient production values as well, with creative photography that compliments the varied cast. All in all, a powerfully told story that educates, amuses and thrills throughout. Another winner and well worth your consideration!
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A GEISHA a moving, beautifully told cautionary tale , 25.10.2022 23:16
Sorry I forgot to include my star rating!
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