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THE ARMY (Rikugun) (1944) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Keisuke Kinoshita Writers: Shôhei Hino (original story), Tadao Ikeda Chishû Ryû ... Tomosuke Takagi Ken Mitsuda Ken Mitsuda ... Tomonojo, Son Kazumasa Hoshino Kazumasa Hoshino ... Shintaro, Son Kinuyo Tanaka Kinuyo Tanaka ... Waka Ken Uehara Ken Uehara ... Nishina Haruko Sugimura Haruko Sugimura ... Setsu Shin Saburi Shin Saburi ... Captain Shûji Sano Shûji Sano ... Kaneko Eijirô Tôno Eijirô Tôno ... Sakuragi Toshio Hosokawa Toshio Hosokawa ... Hayashi Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Yasumi Hara Yasumi Hara ... Takeuchi Fujio Nagahama Fujio Nagahama ... Fujita Toshio Yamazaki Toshio Yamazaki Jun Yokoyama Jun Yokoyama

Kinoshita's ambitious and intensely moving film begins as a multi-generational epic about the military legacy of one Japanese family, before settling into an emotionally complex portrayal of parental love during wartime. As the parents of a boy shipped off to battle, Kinuyo Tanaka and Chishu Ryu locate profound depths of feeling that transcend ideology; all the more amazing, given the film was made in 1944, at a time of increasingly costly Japanese defeats in the Pacific War.

DVD-R is in Japanese with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 87 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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