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Frederick De Cordova Writers: Ben Bengal (story), Art Cohn (adaptation) Howard Duff ... Bert Powers Märta Torén Märta Torén ... Anna Duvak O'Neill George Brent George Brent ... Chief Agent Dan Collins Gar Moore Gar Moore ... Lee Sloan Tom Tully Tom Tully ... Nick Gruber Paul Stewart Paul Stewart ... Zack Richards Richard Rober Richard Rober ... Dutch Lempo Joseph Vitale Joseph Vitale ... Joe Bottsy James Nolan James Nolan ... Agent Benson Clifton Young Clifton Young ... Billy Rafferty David Clarke David Clarke ... Carl Robert Osterloh Robert Osterloh ... Agent Crowthers Anthony Caruso Anthony Caruso ... Teague Donna Martell Donna Martell ... Maria

The film opens with a couple of officials from the Department of Immigration reading lines as to the seriousness of illegal border crossers and how diligently their department is working to combat the issue. Next up is the anticipated voice over and fade to a horseback mounted immigration agent making his normal rounds in the mountains of Southern California. Only what he spots is far from normal, we’re told, as he comes upon a dead body with a tattoo on the back. There’s not a tire mark or footprint to be found. So did this body just fall from the sky? Turns out, yes it did! Quickly figuring out there’s more than one way to import bodies into the states, Chief Agent Dan Collins congers up a plan to trap those responsible. After getting a tip there’s something shady going on at the Blue Danube Café in L.A. being run by Anna Duvak O’Neil, he makes a beeline to Amarillo to convince Bert Powers, who flew with Anna’s departed husband during the War, to go undercover and help get at the bunch who are “vicious and rotten and trading on people’s miseries.”

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 83 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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