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TILL WE MEET AGAIN (1950) * with switchable English subtitles *

Tadashi Imai Writers: Yôko Mizuki (screenplay), Toshio Yasumi (screenplay) Yoshiko Kuga ... Ono Keiko Eiji Okada Eiji Okada ... Tajima Saburo Osamu Takizawa Osamu Takizawa ... Eisaku Akitake Kôno Akitake Kôno ... older brother of Tajima Saburo Akiko Kazami Akiko Kazami Haruko Sugimura Haruko Sugimura ... Ono Suga Hayashi Koichi Hayashi Koichi ... Saburo's friend Hiroshi Akutagawa Hiroshi Akutagawa ... Saburo's friend Akira Ôizumi Akira Ôizumi ... Saburo's friend Hiroshi Kondô Hiroshi Kondô ... Saburo's friend Yoshie Minami Yoshie Minami Eizo Tanaka Eizo Tanaka ... The president of the art publishing company Fusatarô Ishijima Fusatarô Ishijima Fumio Ômachi Fumio Ômachi Keiji Sakakida Keiji Sakakida

Saburo is a student, who first sees Keiko in a bomb shelter during the American air raids on Tokyo in the Second World War. As a close one hits, he shelters her and she lays a gloved hand on his. He sees her again at a railroad crossing, then meets her at a publisher, where he follows her. They talk, and after other meetings, touch hands. Then, in the cold, he places her bare hand inside his jacket. She's an illustrator of war posters, but he convinces her to paint his portrait, and when he leaves, he comes back to see her in the window. Crowding into a corner when a stray bomb lands, he gives her a kiss and tells her he has been called up.  

DVD-R is in Japanese with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 110 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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