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THE ANNA CROSS (1954) * with switchable English subtitles *

Isidor Annensky Writers: Anton Chekhov Alla Larionova ... Anna Vladimir Vladislavskiy Vladimir Vladislavskiy ... Modest Alekseyevich (as V. Vladislavsky) Aleksandr Sashin-Nikolskiy Aleksandr Sashin-Nikolskiy ... Pyotr Leontievich, father Mikhail Zharov Mikhail Zharov ... Artynov Aleksandr Vertinskiy Aleksandr Vertinskiy ... The Prince (as A. Vertinsky) Irina Murzayeva Irina Murzayeva ... Mavra Grigorievna Pyotr Maltsev Pyotr Maltsev ... Petya, kid brother (as Petya Maltsev) Aleksandr Metyolkin Aleksandr Metyolkin ... Andryusha, kid brother (as Sasha Metyolkin) Tatyana Pankova Tatyana Pankova ... The Dressmaker Vladimir Shishkin Vladimir Shishkin ... Dezdyemonov Gennadi Zaichkin Gennadi Zaichkin ... Shegolyev Natalya Belyovtseva Natalya Belyovtseva ... The Princess (as N. Belyovtseva) Aleksey Gribov Aleksey Gribov Vera Donskaya Vera Donskaya Georgi Gumilevsky Georgi Gumilevsky ... (as S. Gumilevsky)

Based on the short story by A. P. Chekhov, 18-year-old beauty Anna marries a rich, 52-year-old official to help her father and brothers. After the death of her mother, the father drinks and her brothers go hungry. For the sake of her relatives, she is ready to do anything, even to become the wife of an elderly, rude, vulgar and hated Modest Alexeyevich.

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English and French subtitles. Approx. 81 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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