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THE VILLAGE TEACHER (1947) * with switchable English subtitles *

Mark Donskoy Writer: Mariya Smirnova Vera Maretskaya ... Varvara Vasilyevna - Martynova Daniil Sagal Daniil Sagal ... Martynov - Sergey Dmitriyevich (as D. Sagal) Pavel Olenev Pavel Olenev ... Yegor - Petrovich (as P. Olenev) Vladimir Maruta Vladimir Maruta ... Voronov - Klim (as V. Maruta) Vladimir Belokurov Vladimir Belokurov ... Bukov - kulak (as V. Belokurov) Dmitri Pavlov Dmitri Pavlov ... Prov Voronov - as adult (as D. Pavlov) Vladimir Lepeshinsky Vladimir Lepeshinsky ... Prov - Voronov in childhood (as Volodya Lepeshinskiy) Anatoli Gonichev Anatoli Gonichev ... Yefim Tsigankov / Sergey Tsigankov (as Tolya Ganichev) Emma Balashova Emma Balashova ... Dunya - Ostrogova / Tanya Ostrogova (as Emma Balasheva) Boris Belyayev Boris Belyayev ... Vanya - Zernov (as Borya Belyayev) Oleg Shmelev Oleg Shmelev ... Nikita - Bukov Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Nina Bershadskaya Nina Bershadskaya ... Girl's gymnasium director (as N. Bershadskaya) Aleksey Konsovskiy Aleksey Konsovskiy ... Gymnasium student (as A. Konsovskiy) Anna Lisyanskaya Anna Lisyanskaya ... Yevdokiya Ostrogova (as A. Lysyanskaya) Ariadna Lysak Ariadna Lysak ... Mashenka (as A. Lysak)

As the film opens, we are placed at an elegant ball in imperial St. Petersburg where Vera, an exuberant youth excitedly tells her dance partner, a dashing young cadet named Sergei, that she will soon fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. Her life’s goal will not be carried out in the comfort of the city; she will be traveling many miles away to a remote Siberian village. We soon learn there is more to Sergei than meets the eye when the Tsar’s police suspect him of revolutionary activity and arrest him that very evening. Vera’s teaching career gets off to an inauspicious beginning as the locals mock her city naïveté, demonstrated by her failure to bring along a proper pair of felt boots to guard against the notoriously harsh winters. These attitudes towards the newcomer change however when they witness her courageously interrupting an episode of domestic violence involving a village bully of whom even the rough and tumble male residents are afraid. Gradually the locals see the value of the teacher’s contributions to their children who in turn begin instructing their younger chums on their own, even fashioning a globe out of twigs and holding impromptu lessons in the fields.

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 98 min. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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