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BEGEGNUNG AN DER ELBE (MEETING ON THE ELBE) (1949) * with switchable English subtitles *

Grigoriy Aleksandrov (as Gr. Aleksandrov) Writers: Lev Sheynin (as L. Sheynin), Leonid Tur (as Bratya Tur) | 1 more credit » Stars: Vladlen Davydov, Konstantin Nassonov, Boris Andreyev

The Red Army and U.S. forces meet at Altenstadt on the Elbe, thus cutting Germany in two and ensuring the defeat of Nazi Germany. That's where history ends and propaganda begins in this German-language version of the Soviet film, Vstrecha na Elbe. As American soldiers frantically swim across the river like dogs to meet their Russian allies (who, of course, wouldn't stoop to sully their uniforms in water), a Russian officer exclaims, "How wonderful that we finally get to see the Second Front ... on the last day of the War!" That should be a clue as to how the rest of the film is going to proceed. Looking to rebuild Germany and win the hearts of the German people, the Soviets open schools, feed the people and give them work, much to the surprise of an American senator, who can't understand why they'd bother to do so. The city commander, Major Kuzmin, eventually convinces a conservative, anti-Russian scientist, Herr Dietrich, that the Russians will never steal his optics patents and that he should become the new mayor of the city. In the background, however, are unrepentant, former Nazis, now in the pay of the Americans and very much interested in these patents, so that, with American help, a revanchist West Germany can rebuild its armament factories and de facto continue the war the Nazis lost. When the mayor's patents are eventually stolen by these loathsome outcasts, he decides to cross the Elbe and join the Americans after being convinced by the very same thieves, that the Russians went back on their word and stole the valuable papers. There, Mr. Dietrich sees the corruption, bastardization, exploitation and denigration of the western zone's populace and their culture. This, of course, is in marked contrast to life in the East, where people work, the sun is always shining and where --- in response to an accusation from an American that the Soviets only want to turn the Ostzone into a Soviet fiefdom --- "Soviet rule must be earned"! For those who have a rabid dislike for America and/or Americans, the film will no doubt be humorous at a minimum. Shown in the newly-created DDR in 1949, the movie must've been especially nauseating to anyone who wasn't easily indoctrinated (the very young and, possibly, senile, older adults) or a blindly devoted fan of the New Order and their masters (career politicians and, possibly, senile, older adults).

Eine Stadt an der Elbe, geteilt durch den Fluss, der gleichzeitig die Grenze zwischen den Besatzungszonen bildet. Im sowjetischen Teil regiert Major Kusmin, im amerikanischen Major Hill. Beide verstehen sich gut. Hills Antifaschismus und seine verständnisvolle Sicht auf die sowjetische Politik bringen ihn in Konflikt mit dem amerikanischen Geheimdienst, an dem die Politik der Zusammenarbeit und Versöhnung scheitert. Zwischen den Fronten hat sich ein deutscher Professor zu entscheiden.

DVD-r is in German with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 97 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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Meeting at the Elbe, 6/6/2021 11:38 AM
From: indian
Just watched it last night. I really enjoyed it a lot. I don't think the politics were far off for a Soviet film made at that time. There is even comedy in the film. The acting was good and the scenes of Germany destroyed from the war were always there to remind you of the price the German people paid for Hitler and fascism.I was never bored throughout the movie.
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