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A STORMY NIGHT (O noapte furtunoasa) (1943) * with switchable English subtitles *

Jean Georgescu Writer: Ion Luca Caragiale Stefan Baroi ... Spiridon Radu Beligan Radu Beligan ... Rica Venturiano Elena Bulandra Elena Bulandra ... Mama Gheorghe Ciprian Gheorghe Ciprian ... Ghita Târcadau Iancu Constantinescu Iancu Constantinescu ... Copist George Demetru George Demetru ... Chiriac Florica Demion Florica Demion ... Zita Miluta Gheorghiu Miluta Gheorghiu ... I.D. Ionescu Alexandru Giugaru Alexandru Giugaru ... Jupân Dumitrache Leontina Ioanid Leontina Ioanid ... Tusa Iordanescu-Bruno Iordanescu-Bruno ... Nae Ipingescu (as Stefan Iordanescu-Bruno) Maria Maximilian Maria Maximilian ... Veta Doina Missir Doina Missir ... Fanely Jean Moscopol Jean Moscopol ... Armeanul Ionel Perieteanu Ionel Perieteanu ... Seful de post

Bucharest, 1876: Don Dumitrache gives orders to his reliable assistant, Chiriac, to keep an eye on his young wife, Veta. Dumitrache is positive she's having an affair, but doesn't know who it is. Little does he suspect that his trusted man ain't so trusty after all!

Preparation and filming for this classic comedy took place in 1941 - 42, with actual filming begun on 12 January 1942. At the time, Romania was entering its seventh month in the war against the Soviet Union. Bucharest was under a state of constant alert against air raids, so filming outdoors at night was impossible. All the film's exteriors were constructed in a very small studio, originally intended for music recordings only. For panoramic shots, two or three sets were combined into one shot during editing. The film finally premiered on 22 March 1943, long after Romania's fortunes in the East had turned against them and a good comedy was probably more than welcome on the home front. When the Communists took over after the War, the "offensive" parts of the film were edited and lost to history forever.

DVD-R is in Romanian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 66 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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